White background to print contains all the colours of the rainbow mixed together. Colours in the white spectrum of light cause visual stress, making reading difficult. When the offending colours are filtered out, then reading is easier because the page then appears as it actually is: not a distorted image of it.

People with visual stress are born with the condition, so will often not understand what text is supposed to look like. They see the text as "normal" to them, and they cannot understand why other students find it easier to read: "I must be dumb" they might think. This devastating thinking is unnecessary. Book your child in for an assessment as soon as possible.

How a child sees the words on a page may be reflective of how their brain "sees" them; not as they actually appear. Colours can make the words look 'right', so that your child has a chance to concentrate on text and read better.

I assess how your child perceives the print, using different coloured lenses to determine what colour works for them. A detailed analysis of their visual perception is made to determine exactly what visual distortions need to be fixed. Each person's brain needs a unique colour/combination of colours. Coloured lenses can then be made specifically for your child.

Sometimes slow reading can be due to the way print is seen by a person's brain. Colours can help so that reading can become faster, more accurate and with better comprehension. Coloured glasses can eliminate eye-strain and headaches.

If you want to discuss your child's struggles with reading, get in touch with me. Your child's education is so important. It would be worth it to see if your colour over print could help.


Is your child easily distracted while attempting to read?

Are they a slow, hesitant reader?

Are they not progressing well at school?

Do they have trouble remembering what they have read?

Do they have poor comprehension of text they have read?

Are they getting mystery headaches from doing schoolwork?

Do they get sore eyes when attempting schoolwork?

Are they bothered by bright lights?

Do they have trouble sitting still and concentrating?

All of these are signs that your child may be suffering from visual stress. If you feel your child is showing any or all of these signs, please contact me today to book an appointment.


We also provide prescription glasses

Single vision & Bifocals - $140

Office Lenses - $180

Multi-focals - $200

Polarised Lenses - extra $90

Transitions - extra $90

Anti-reflective coating - extra $90 ​

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Book an assessment, request a free pack or ask me a question, I'm always happy to chat!

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