Optical Options is focused on providing educational assessments for children with reading problems.

About Optical Options

Helping children read better

Optical Options specialise in the diagnosis of visual stress and provide coloured glasses in order to help you or your child read, write and learn. About 20% of people are affected by visual stress disorder, causing people to see words on a page much differently than those who are not affected.
We have had a high success rate of helping people see words properly thanks to our wide coloured lens range. We find the absolute best colour combination which in turn reduces visual stress.

Have you heard of coloured glasses?

How a child sees the words on a page may not be as they truly are. Colours can make the words look 'right'. I assess how your child perceives the print, using different coloured lenses to determine what colour works for them. Then coloured lenses can be made specifically for your child.
Sometimes slow reading can be due to the way print is seen by a person's brain. Colours can help so that reading can become faster, more accurate and with better comprehension. Coloured glasses can eliminate eye-strain and headaches.
If you want to discuss your child's struggles with reading, get in touch with me. Your child's education is so important. It would be worth it to see if your colour over print could help.

A child who reads is a happier child.

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